Ruteng Pu'u

9CPW+FP, Golo Dukal, Kec. Langke Rembong, Kabupaten Manggarai, Nusa Tenggara Tim.

4 Km from property

Ruteng Pu'u is an old site with a round courtyard surrounded by neatly arranged stones and in the middle of the village there is a compang (altar) composed of larger stones and used as a place to place offerings during traditional ceremonies. In the center they planted a Ruteng tree (beringin) ). In Ruteng Pu'u, Compang is also used as a grave for the bodies of the ancestors. In local traditions, if the relatives want to bury their elders in Compang, they must kill two buffaloes as sacrificial animals. There is also a traditional house around with its roof made of palm fiber, which is used as a place to hold traditional ceremonies and a place to keep local musical instruments.